I've had a passion for 3D since 2003 when I started learning 3DS Max. I've always been am artist inside and 3D became my canvas at times. I've also found that it became easy to get lost in trying to learn skills like Surface modeling or Arnold renderer.

The creations below were nothing others than random concepts, created to learn Cinema 4D, all a little random but there are no straight path to learnings! :)

Dragon BALL Z

Being a big fan of DBZ since I can remember, it was only fair to start with it!

In the render below I wanted to see how far I'd go with creating a DBZ inspired scene of my favorite moment with Gohan VS Cell. The result made me want to make more of these in the future. Animation is also something I'd love to add to this later.

Bump maps

In the experiment below, I wanted to render a surface only from Bump maps. As you can see below, no modeling techniques were used in this render, only a flat plane. This was an incredibly hard to look right and I was impressed of what we could do simple with textures.
Here are the only four texture that are either used for bump, reflection or color.


In the concept below, I was inspired by what Gravity team is doing and wanted to take on in create a jetpack that could be use commercially.
Not super excited about the final result, but it was a great exercise to test my new leaning in Surface modeling.


For this exercise I wanted to test a little more my newly acquired surface modeling skills and got inspired by the concept character "Rebel" by Tsvetka.
The result was good, but I timed boxed it as the idea was just to test my limits. I came out with a not so great surface topography, and in some areas had a hard time making quads instead of triangles. The smoothing also affected areas that I needed sharp.

From there I decided to go back to pushing my learning and get back to it later.


A couple of simple projects made out of a tutorial learning topology. Overall it reminded me the days where I used to design icons pixel by pixel, and made me think about the day where this will be done with AI.

That said, it was an fabulous exercise to look closer at things and understand how complex can be even the simplest objects.

Thank you for watching