Hallo was a quick idea we conceptualize. We wanted to create something that customers could bring with them anywhere that would not need to be connected to your phone or wifi.

Hallo would allow anyone to always be on the top of their finances, budgets, spendings, stock etc.. All in the palm of their hands.


I wanted its form factor to be minimal, friendly feel good to the touch like the Roly Block.


The goal for the Hallo was to make it as simple to use as possible. No settings, simply connect it to your Intuit account and everything would just work.

Notifications could come of three kinds: Insights (blue), Positive (got paid, on budget, score increase, etc..), Negative (overdraft, score decrease, etc..)

When asking Hallo a question, the same methodology would be used to visually inform the user of the respnose.


Unfortunately we haven't had the time to keep pushing this. Altho we believe this would help our customers with their finances, we couldn't validate the current state without any customer research.

Thank you for watching