Progeny has always been a company looking to innovate; from the source through to the way they deliver stories. I've had the opportunity to help them in all of these initiatives.


Since the company has people at the source that take care of the supply chain, it felt like a natural thing to leverage that opportunity and find ways to bring the farmers' stories to the consumers.

I had the company acquire a 360 camera and ship it to Colombia's team to start taking shots of the farms and the farmers.

Our first VR experiment got the company a lot of traction, with "whoa!" and "wow!" from across the board.
The company had many demos taking their customers on an unprecedented virtual visit of their farmers' farms. It told their story in a unique way and most importantly it made people of all ages smile.
When Progeny presented this to the Facebook team, they offered the company a booth in Austin, TX for one of their NMSDC Conference in 2018. this was a simple idea that got the company a huge amount of exposure for free.


Pushing experiments further, I created a concept for the company that will turn their bags into an augmented storytelling opportunity using their labels as a target.

I asked the company to acquire a drone to take some beautiful videos from the farms.
Now we had a drone and a 360 camera in our hands, wait... are you thinking what I'm thinking?
OK.. we had to at least try!

After a few weeks of going around the farms in Colombia, we were able to do some beautiful short films like this one below:
I wanted to create a unique way to share these stories, beyond vimeo and youtube, so I presented these concepts to the company.

The project is being worked on right now with twelve of their coffees, and will launch with their first retail location in 2020-21.

Thank you for watching