Scott cook innovation award

Oh yea...

I took on a side project helping the SCIA team to create a VR video of Scott Cook introducing a special innovation and experience hoping around the bay area. They had access to exclusive places like flying cars etc..

They weren't sure how to approach it but wanted something unique and out of the box.


The job took about 3 weeks. I directed the video shoot of Scoot's face. Scott had a script he had to follow, we were all so impressed on how fast he learned it.
The raw footage, minus the green background looks like this.
Overall the Cinema 4D scene was quite simple, using a HDRI for the space background, a few rocks floating, a spaceship and a couple of falling stars. What took the most time is timing all the elements together between voice, music and animations.
Each winner would be gifted a headset with the video preloaded and instruction on how to launch it.


Trip happened for the winners and I was invited to spend their last step with the whole team, meeting innovators and having the chance to steel some wisdom from Scott Cook.

Thank you for watching